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Suicide in the Middle Ages: Volume I, The Violent against Themselves.

Alexander Murray.

Paperback, 485p (Oxford UP 1998, Pb 2008)

Murray's work on suicide has expanded into three parts in the years of its gestation, and from the range and detail of the first part of the trilogy, it is easy to see why. The Violent against Themselves examines fascinating evidence taken from the medieval territories of France, Germany, England and Italy. It demonstrates how the historian can elucidate instances of medieval suicide, using chronicles, legal records and religious sources, and portrays numerous individual cases, from drunken wives and religious melancholics, to criminals and those disappointed in love. The book itself is compelling in its understanding of the medieval psyche, as well as being written with great lucidity and elegance. It will be valuable to all medievalists as well as to any one with an interest in human nature. 

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