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Legends of Arthur

Richard Barber.

Paperback. 459 p, 8 col pls (Boydell 2001, Pb 2003).

The Arthurian story was repeatedly reworked and elaborated throughout the medieval period until, during the 15th century, Thomas Malory gathered together English, French and Vulgate sources to create a hugely popular and manageable anthology of the legends. Barber's aim is to produce something similar whilst demonstrating the great variety of the stories. Barber presents two contrasting versions of the legends involving three main characters, Arthur, Gawain and Tristan, each preceded by an introductory discussion. The volume includes Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and versions of tales from Malory, Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Vulgate Cycle, with the evocative and descriptive language of the originals regrettably `modified'.

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